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reiko harajo :
Art director, book designer, and illustrator.
She is a graduate of Design, Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan. She began her career as an designer at C.S.F. Wood in Tokyo, Japan, and created/produced commercial ads and brochures mainly for Shiseido. After leaving C.S.F. Wood, she worked as an art director at ‘studio Magic’ in Tokyo, Japan, and found a mentor in Tadanori Yokoo, one of the famous Japan’s artists who are internationally recognized. In 1997, she established Reiko Harajo Design Room, and has been active as an art director for many major magazines as well as in designing books since then.
大学卒業後, C.S.F.WOODにて資生堂IPSAの広告, 資生堂カタログのデザインを学ぶ. 退社後, studio Magicにて横尾忠則氏に師事




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